Monday, March 17, 2008

why not?

was no one insane in ancient times? no epic character is diagnosed as insane.

there are indeed maladjusted people, people who have a sleeping disorder, people who are misunderstood, people whose identity is impaired, people who have memory lapse and so on but not one character in it is identified as lunatic.

it is said about mahabharata that what it contains may be found elsewhere but what it has not is available nowhere else. but not one character in it is made out to be mad.

is it that madness is a modern disease? is it also that madness is an adult disease? we see kids with behavour problems, learning disorder or eating disorder or sleeping disorder or some other disorder but not a kid is mad.

perhaps madness is a modern disease. perhaps madness is an adult disease. perhaps man goes mad only when he grows; perhaps mind goes ill only when brain grows. unless of course what is madness now was not madness then.